Speaking of digitization…

We were (ahem), weren’t we?

A post on an NPR blog (“Hard Choices: Do Libraries Really Destroy Books“; hint: the answer is yes, sometimes), which follows up on another blog, has some worthwhile things to say about the process that we in the library delicately call “deaccessioning.” More often than not this process doesn’t mean the destruction of books, but the reality is that we can’t keep everything on the shelves forever. Digitization may not be the complete answer, but authors who opposeĀ  digitization of their work might want to consider some of the alternatives.

One Response to “Speaking of digitization…”

  1. Vacation Says:

    I have read the article and I do not think that libraries destroy books. May be digitization will solve the problem partially but in my opinion the original editions must be preserved too. They are unique and they must be accessible for the future generations.

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